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As a qualified fashion buyer, the unique "God" perspective has become a weapon for them to dominate the fashion circle. The style of the store, the tone of the market, the trend of fashion, fashion buyers will always stand taller and look farther than anyone. Then the 2020 spring and summer new fashion buyers guide - bag articles, the fashion experts who are ready to move can learn!

In the spring and summer of 2020, the Ins wind personality that attracts consumers and the daily core products that sell longer time reach a delicate balance. Bags are a key focus category for experimentation and development:

Key points: 1. Add value and extend the life of the product through multi-function items; 2. Try removable components such as mobile phone cases and keychains, or apply shoulder straps to increase practicality; 3. With consumer sustainability awareness Increasingly, replacing plastic with vegan leather and recycled products.

Practical belt bag

There is no doubt that the pockets have been commercially successful in the retail industry in the past few seasons, and the practicality has injected new ideas into the pocket category in the spring and summer of 2020. The practical element promotes the continuation of the styling of the pockets, and the detachable pouch embodies the hands. These items add a lot of buying opportunities, and additional detachable components such as keychains, cell phone cases and chains drive multiple sales.

Multi-bag combination

As the mini bag popularity continues to rise, the brand will combine the reduced version design with other bags to continue the multi-bag combination trend of 2019/20 autumn and winter. The multi-bag design is an eclectic mix of various reduced copies, a trend that provides plenty of room for customization and sales at all market levels. Practicality has become a key selling point, and the addition of big bags extends the life cycle of less practical mini-packs to the new season.

Metal bag :

Courtney Trop, Pernille Teisbaek and Reese Blutstein have shown Paco Rabanne's 1969 lock bag on the streets of the 2019/20 Fall/Winter Fashion Week. This trend is quickly sweeping through the retail industry. This item is in the luxury retail. Commercial sales. After the season's novel beadwork and the burgeoning shopping bags of the previous seasons, various well-known and cutting-edge bag brands have adopted metal locks and mesh structures as the latest material direction. Although it is not a key sales force, the metal bag is an important avant-garde item in the bag series.

Closing bucket bag

The tubular bag and the bucket type bag continue to be commercially available in the bag market, and all the new and well-known brands will combine them into one. The bucket bag structure is combined with a soft drawstring tube pack to add a new dimension to the shoulder bag and handbag. The most modern design of the monochrome design, the leather and suede match to create a refined contrast. Try a more exaggerated tubular style to show off the avant-garde personality.

Vertical crossbody bag

The vertical outline between the practical messenger bag and the phone case adds a new dimension to the business shoulder bag category. The mini bag continued to be popular in spring and summer 2020, and the smaller models were more practical and liberating both hands. Soft leather and exotic animal prints push the vertical version as a daily bag to the public, while the hard-shell design evolves into a night bag. The looming chain shoulder strap adds a modern touch.